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Hyundai Molded Case Circuit Breaker

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Optimum design provides easy-to-use customer installation, while offering versatility and high performance to match today's demand for a reliable and cost effective product, which is easy to maintain. Models like Hi series: HiBS, HiBH, HiBE, HiBL, HiBX, and U series like: UAB, UCB, UPB, UCD, UBD, UGD, UMB, UMG, UDB, and UDG. Interruptores de caja moldeada Hyundai

Hyundai Molded Case Circuit Breaker.


High Breaking Capacity


  • Since MCCBs have the same size for main part so that manufacturing cost can be reduced through standardizing design and panel building process.


Cassette Type Accessories

  • Cassette type accessories can be installed by one-touch method without screws.
  • Auxiliary switch and alarm switch can be installed into a 3P or 4P MCCB with shunt trip or under voltage trip at the same time. (Max. Three accessories can be installed into a MCCB at the same time).


Adjustable Rated Current & Adjustable Instantaneous Current

  • This function will be applied up to 250AF.
Hyundai Molded Case Circuit Breaker.

Standard & Certification

Applied Standard

  • KSC 8321
  • IEC 60947
  • NEMA AB-1
  • VDE 0660
  • JIS C8370
  • EN 60947-1 & 60947-2

    Approval & Certification

  • ISO 9001/14000(International Standard Organization)
  • CESI : Centro Electrocnio Sepermentale Italiano
  • KERI : Korea Electrotechnology Research Institude
  • LR : Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • AB : American Bureau of Shipping
  • BV : Bureau Veritas
  • KR : Korean Register of Shipping
  • GL : Germanischer Lloyd
  • NK : Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
  • KS : Korea Industrial Standard
  • Nuclear Performance Test(1E Class)
  • CE : Community European : TÜV Rheinlend


Internal Accessories

Auxiliary Switch (AUX)

  • Makes electrical signals for the breaker status, ON or OFF.

Alarm Switch (ALT)

  • Indicates electrically the tripped status of breaker.

Shunt Trip (SHT)

  • Trips the breaker electrically.

Under Voltage Trip (UVT)

  • Trips the breaker automatically at under set value for the circuit voltage.

External Accessories

Operating Mechanism (TFG/TFH)

  • For external hand-operation of MCCB inside a switchgear.
  • TFG : Installed on MCCB.
  • TFH : Connected to MCCB through rod.

Extended Handle (TFA)

  • Reduces operation efforts for ON, OFF, and RESET.

Terminal Cover (TCF)

  • Protects the line and load terminals of MCCB.

Interpole Barriers (TQQ)

  • Isolates terminals to prevent short-circuiting between two or more terminals.


Hyundai Molded Case Circuit Breaker Datasheet.pdf document

Interruptores Hyundai de caja moldeada ESP.pdf document

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