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 3:3 Phase UPS

olinsys F33 series upsF33 UPS series (10~400kVA)

 Olinsys F3 SERIES Power Capacity: 10KVA, 20KVA, 30KVA,  50KVA, 60KVA, 70KVA, 80KVA, 100KVA, 120KVA, 160KVA, 200KVA, 300KVA, and 400KVA.

 Main features:

• True double conversion isolated on-line UPS
Output and input are fully isolated by transformer, with IGBT power units used, making sure a safe working environment for user equipment by absolute settlement on protection of lightning arrester, Isolation between N and G, and full protection from all kinds of pulse and disturbance in power web other system.

• 3 phases UPS allow 100 % unbalance load
3 phases output adjusted independently , allows 3 phases 100 % unbalance load, flexible load capacity, high system reliability , especially fit for computer room, communication etc information.

• Reliable EMC Features
All products have got through EMC test in authentic facility and company .Testing items includes conducting disturbance, radiant disturbance, conducting anti disturbance, radiant anti-disturbance, power fault, mass pulse, surge, ESD etc, Excellent EMC features donate FR-UK series to be capable for high frequency communication and video & audio broadcasting system.

• Cold Start Function
With a special current limiting circuit on UPS , user can start UPS directly with battery bank source for emergency need with no mains power present. UPS owns more powerful cold starting ability and be able to run on full load.

• Full functions LCD Display
All F series products power over 20KVA are equipped with large LCD Display for ease of viewing UPS status. They are also very facility for user's operation on real time surveillance on UPS running parameters and status, FE and daily maintenance.

• Patented intelligent battery control system
Intelligent MMBM battery management system on battery charging and discharging, for longer operational life and higher reliability of batteries

• Flexible monitoring
Independent digital remote control, supported by RS485, the range mount to 1000 meters, realize safe and facility, or SNMP network adapter (optional).

• Advanced non-master-slave self-adaptive control technology:
F/B series parallel UPS own super powerful parallel capacity. It need not set the parallel unites. User can extend parallel capacity as needed or N+1 redundancy  arallel. This increases the reliability of power source system.

Available in 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 300 and 400kVA models.

Parallelable 'B-suffix' (FB Series) models are also available.
Available with 12 pulse rectifier models


olinsys ups F33 series 80-160KVAolinsys F33 Series 200 400KVA

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 Olinsys Battery Bank seriesIndustry Power Systems UPS "IP6 series & Battery Bank"(80~800 KVa)

Main features:

Olinsys IPS6 series, the highly effective energy conservation product is specially designed for the industrial application environment. This product can supply high quality power to the load in case of any load and utility input. It not only eliminates the influence which is brought when the electric net is instantaneously interrupted to the industrial system thoroughly and eliminates the high frequency interference in the electric net effectively, but also protects the load when the utility voltage is too high and ensure that the key industry flow and control reliability. This series is generally applicable to the manufacture process equipment, the manufacture flow, the industry control equipment, the experiment test installation etc in industrial system such as iron and steel, glass, ceramics, food, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, drugs manufacture, cement, natural gas, coal mine, metallurgy, plastic.

Compared to the traditional UPS, IPS6000 uses the advanced energy conservation control technology, the digitized DSP control, the reliable industry power component, intellectualized multi-pattern battery management etc. Users may match the rich intelligent monitoring and the power manager software optionally, reducing the power system’s running energy consumption and the cost greatly. With the high product performance-to-price ratio and reliability, this series is the industry system users’ ideal power solution.

Working Principle

When the power quality is satisfied the demand , IPS6 series make the system work in the pattern that external power supplies power to the load directly, and the charge system charge the battery group, simultaneously the inverter DC/AC is at the hot standby status continuously. When the power quality is abnormal or sudden failure of external power supply, the system automatically turn to the battery standby pattern, making sure of supplying the uninterruptible power to the load.

Major Technologic Characteristic

Highly effective energy conservation:
A. The total efficiency is more than 98%.Compared to the traditional UPS, it saves energy more than 7%.

B. Does not need to collocate the air conditioning cooling system, so it reduces the spatial request and saves the investment cost.

C. Average non-trouble operating time (MTBF) reaches as high as for 220,000 hours.

Low operation cost

A. With high system efficiency and ultra low power consumption, this series reduces the electric charge greatly, especially in the industry manufacture environment where electricity is consumed largely.

B. The battery system exempts the maintenance. when the utility is normal ,battery is at the standby status. The battery service life is longer and the cost of maintenance is lower.

C. The system failure rate is lower than the traditional UPS, reducing the repair cost effectively.

D. The rate of working with the generator (group) is nearly 1:1, so the operation cost is reduced greatly.

E. High system efficiency, few produced calorific capacity, low operating consumption. The series reduces the heat radiation and the thermal pollution

Advanced technology

A. Full Digital Signal Processing (DSP)control technology: Full DSP for inverter, phase synchronizing, input rectifier and logical control etc with high precision, speedy response. The total performance of the machine is well and the reliability is high.

B. Modularization design for the power components: The power components including input rectification module, output inverter module, rectifying module etc are separately designed on the independent, hot insert-draw structure module for the facility on field installation and maintenance.

C. The intelligent battery management technology

D. Redundancy design for the crucial circuit.

E. The intelligent speed-adjusting fan.

F. The design for manual bypass maintenance: There is a channel to bypass maintenance, guaranteed that the machine still supply the uninterruptible power to the load when the machine is repaired. High system maintainability.

G. The unique feedback energy processing system: In order to eliminate the surge feedback voltage made by electric net and IPS itself when the power machine, water pump etc inductive loads are broken dowm, we design the special feedback energy processing system (optional) for IPS, guaranteed the system run reliably.
High environment adaptiveness

E. May select accessories such as AVR, ATS, frequency changer etc to match the machine, satisfied the demand of custom-made to power system.


A. The big liquid crystal display (LCD) with complete function: There are Chinese and English language to choose on LCD display panel, facilitating different users to operate the machine. Simple operation and real time observation to the operation parameter and the running status of IPS , facilitate the daily management and the maintenance.

B. Select fittings such as light and sound alarm device and intelligent monitoring software, realization of the field and the long-distance management of IPS system ,including short-range point-to-point communication monitoring, middle distance correspondence monitoring, long-distance network management monitoring

C. Select battery manager system (MMBM2) which could examine the abnormal battery promptly and manage the performance and the parameter of single battery or battery group.

Rich fittings to choose

   >Light and sound alarm device

   >Battery management system (MMBM2)

   >feedback energy processor

   >Voltage stabilizer (AVR)

   >Input redundancy transfer switch (ATS)

   >Distribution cabinet

Frequency changer

High reliability, strong ability to purify the electric net, average non-trouble operating time (MTBF) reaches as high as for 220000 hours.
Strong loading ability, the series may carry inductive load, resistive load, capacitive load and so on , ultra strong adaption especially for inductive loads such as electrical machinery, water pump, oil engine etc.
Well compatibility, the series could match with voltage regulator, frequency changer, anti-radar, rectifier etc other power products assembled by OLINSYS
Lower operating cost, save the energy highly effective.
Regarding the powerful machine, generally add the frequency changer or the soft starter in the front of machine.
Consummate protection system. May select RS232, RS485 or SNMP adapter optionally; realization of intelligentized control to overload, voltage, surge, battery and temperature etc.

olinsys Industry UPS series

Power Capacity of IPS6 series: from 30KVA, to 600KVA

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3 phases IN, and 3 phases OUT UPS Systems. Available from 20 to 800KVA.

  olinsys ups family Online / Double-Conversion UPS models

 Three Phase Online UPS are ideal for environments where electrical isolation is necessary or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuations.


olinsys K33 series ups K33 "high frecuency" UPS series (20~30 kVA)

 Olinsys K3 SERIES true double conversion online UPS is intelligent high frequency UPS, make use of the digital control and advanced PFC technology. The input power factor is over 0.99. It is a typical green power.

Power Capacity of K3 series: 20kVA, and 30kVA.


 Key Features:

 1. Advanced PFC technology, high input power factor.  

 2. Transformerless, compact and light weight design.  

 3. The green power design (low THDi ≤5 option)  

 4. High reliability digital control.  

 5. Wide input voltage range.  

 6. Automatic self-detection on startup.  

 7. Flexible and practical cold start function.  

 8. Advanced battery management, and automatic battery charging in UPS off mode.

 9. Fan speed auto control when loads varies.  

 10. Full protection function (short circuit, overload, over temperature, low battery, etc)

 11. SNMP, RS232 and USB (option)

 12. In black or white case color

olinsys ups K33 black

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