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Buck Boost Dry Transformers

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Transformers Series

AC reactors (480V)
For Industrial contro
l (120, 240, 416, 480, 600V)
For Lighting (120, 240V)

Optionals for Transformers

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Buck Boost dry power transformers. From 0.050 to 56kVA and more options. (made in the USA ) Models series: 35, 80, and 85.

Transformadores Buck Boost. Desde 0.050 hasta 56kVA y mas. Disponibles en cajas en NEMA 1 y NEMA 3R. Modelos: 35, 80, y 85. Bobinados en aluminio o cobre.

Buck boost dry transformerWe offers a broad range of products for buck boost applications. These transformers are shipped as low voltage isolation transformers that can be easily reconfigured to buck or boost a wide range of voltages. The beauty of these transformers is that they are easily adaptable to most minor voltage corrections that need to be made and are an inexpensive solution to isolation transformers. They are physically smaller and lighter than the corresponding kva of an isolation unit.



A 2kva buck boost transformer can do the work of a 7.5 to 32kva isolation unit depending upon how it is configured. These will work on single or three phase applications. We offer these an 85 series which is encapsulated and 115° C rise, 80 series which is ventilated and 115° C rise and 35 series which is also ventilated but with a 55° C rise. All of the wiring is done in the field by a license electrician. If you prefer a pre-connected auto transformer instead than please consult the catalog for the 34 and 84 ODY series or contact us. We will also help you through the connection of the buck boost transformers as well.Dongan Authorized Distributor



Approval & Certification

    UL Listed

    CSA Certified

    CUL Listed


Buck Boost dry transformer catalog.pdf document

Buck Boost wiring diagrams.pdf document

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