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Hyundai N100 AC Drive / Inverter

    FeaturesHyundai N100 Inverter Drive.

    Advance sensorless vector control function

  • Achieve smooth driving without motor vibration and high precise driving no effect of changing load.
  • Show high torque of 200% or greater at speeds as low as 0.5 Hz during starting and operation.

    Strengthening auto-tuning function

  • Automatically measure motor parameters.
  • Achieve optimal motor control without torque dropping and speed fluctuation.
  • Achieve precise driving without inconvenience of user measures motor parameters manually.

    Strengthening the PID control function

  • It is possible to select the operation method of either RS485 communication driving or analog signal driving for the user's convenience.

    Compact size for easy to install

  • Strengthening the speed control program for controlling flux, temperature, pressure and so forth.
  • Apply to high precision systems by high speed responsibility.

    Achieve tripless driving by adding current suppression

  • Achieve stable driving at instant impact load and overload by adding over-current level adjusting function.
  • Maintain constant speed on changing load suddenly by rapidity speed restoration characteristics.
  • Widely apply transfer machine, treadmill, industrial washing machine and so forth by momentary current suppressing.

    MMI function using RS485 communication(HIMS 2000)

  • Built-in RS485 communication applied for various FA system, on remote driving and easy monitoring the status of driving at upper system.
  • Remote motor control drive is possible using exclusive MMI program.

    SINK/SOURCE type signal selectable

  • Many types of programmable controllers are easily connected.

    Global products

  • Observe EN standard by attaching EMC filter (option)
  • Obtain CE Standard, UL, cUL (0.4~3.7kW)

    Optional products for user convenience

  • Digital Operator(operation and display)
  • Remote Operator(read and copy function)
  • EMI/EMC filter by EN standard


Hyundai N100 Inverter Datasheet. pdf document

Hyundai N100 Inverter Manual. pdf document

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