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Hyundai Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Hyundai Vacuum Circuit Breaker achieves the superior reputation with its extended life expectancy, easy maintenance, and excellent performance for industrial facilities, power plants, and marine vessels with models series like: HVF, HVG, and HAF. Interruptores en vacio Hyundai.

FeaturesHyundai Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

Compact Size

  • The Hyundai HAF & HVF Vacuum Circuit Breaker's superiority lies in its compact size, weight, and quiet low vibrating operation, along with its reliability.




Maintenance - Free

  • The circuit breakers require little maintenance. This could be carried out by the customers' personnel with short servicing time and corresponding downtime and also long operation period between services.




Greatly Extended Service Lifetime

  • Rugged in construction with minimum number of moving parts, the Hyundai HAF & HVF Vacuum Circuit Breaker operating mechanism features reduced maintenance requirements, providing a long life expectancy of 30,000 operations. Because of the small amount of contact erosion, contact life is increased to 20,000 operations for the rated normal current.





Quality Standard & Approval


  • IEC 62271-100, 60056
  • ESB 150
  • ANSI C37
  • KSC 4611
  • GOST-R 52565-06


  • KR/Korea
  • GL/Germany Germanischer Lloyd
  • ISO 18001, 14001, 9001


Hyundai Vacuum Circuit Breaker Datasheet.pdf document

Interruptores Hyundai en Vacio ESP.pdf document

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