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Hyundai Vacuum Contactor

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Hyundai Vacuum Contactors are designed and manufactured for frequent switchings, especially taking into account safety and quality assurance. They are suitable for switching and controlling squirrel cage and slipring motors, medium voltage loads and resistance furnaces, and capacitors and transformers. Contactores al vacio Hyundai.

Hyundai Vacuum Contactor


Superior Switching Performance

  • Switching a vacuum makes for rapid breaking.
  • Rapid build-up of the dielectric strength ensures safety breaking.
  • The fuse mounted type also provides for protection against short-circuit currents.

Optimum Design

  • Optimized structure and mechanism complement frequency switching.

Low Surge

  • Special WCAg contact limits the chopping current up to 1A to protect the load from high surge.

High Reliability

  • Rigid insulation frame and operation mechanism offer a high reliability, especially for safety and quality assurance.
Hyundai Vacuum Contactor

Customer Convenience

  • Light weight and compact size enable easy installation with high efficiency in space.
  • Optimum design makes maintenance convenient.

Operation and Application

Continuously Energized Type

  • Having Longer mechanical life time that a latched type, more suitable for frequency switching.
  • When the transformer for controlling power fails to supply power due to accidents, continuously energized type protects the loads by tripping automatically.

Latched Type

  • Latched type keeps the closing condition without the supply of power, so it is suitable for the system which has unstable power or the load which requires automatic closing with power.
  • With the separate tripping circuit, DC control voltage is recommended for stable power supply. When AC control voltage is used, the CTD (condesor trip device)should be installed.


Quality Standard & Approval


  • IEC 60470
  • NEMA ICS 3


  • KR/Korea
  • GL/Germany Germanischer Lloyd
  • LR/U.K. Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • NK/Japan Nippon Kaiji Kyokai


Hyundai Vacuum Contactor Datasheet.pdf document

Hyundai Vacuum Contact Product Brochure.pdf document

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