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Our customers come first, and it shows.

We go the extra mile, traveling to meet face-to-face with our customers, whether they are in the United States, or located in the Caribbean or Central and South America. You won’t find other international distributors making the same effort to visit the markets they serve.

We have focused on being a dependable exporter with competitive prices. OLINSYS stocks an extensive selection of electrical product lines. Our facilities are comprised of 70,000 square feet of warehouse, five loading docks, and the appropriate equipment to handle most types of cargo.

Olinsys warehouse

Whether you’re a contractor, industrial facility or utility company, when you need us, we’re there.

Superior Delivery

OLINSYS’s fleet of trucks can deliver orders to docks and airports. We will also load shipment containers at our warehouse for no charge. Everything we ship comes directly through our facility, so we ensure there are no problems. When you ship overseas, any mistakes are costly and time-consuming, so we simply avoid them by exercising the utmost diligence with our deliveries.
USA Olinsys cargo map
Why Choose OLINSYS?
> Nationally-ranked sales force
> Design and Consultation Department for indoor/outdoor projects
> Extensive selection of top brands in the electrical industry
> Thousands of products in stock and ready to ship from OLINSYS inventory and factories
> The most competitive pricing
> Free shipment container loading from our warehouse
> Error-free deliveries from our warehouse
> Face-to-face meetings no matter where you’re located
> Direct access to management
> Putting the customer’s needs first, always
> Specialists in distribution, metering systems, transformers and electric control


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