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Dry Transformers

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Our line of standard transformer products include energy efficient designs in single and three phase type, step up and step down, isolation transformers, 3 phase autotransformers, and toroidal transformers. Sizes range from 0.50kva through 1000kva and up to 600 volts. See all of our standard cataloged item here. (made in the USA ) Transformadores secos, de alta eficiencia, de control industrial, monofasicos, trifasicos, elevadores, toroidales, factor K especial.

single phase dry transformerSingle Phase general purpose transformer

Encapsulated transformers from .250kVA through 25kVA. Our enclosures are NEMA 3R. These transformers can be wall mounted or floor mounted cabinet style depending upon the kVA rating. These are UL and CUL listed. Hazardous location models available.



Three phase dry transformer

Three Phase general purpose dry transformer


Full complement of three phase ventilated transformers from 3kVA to 300kVA We offer encapsulated three phase transformers from 3kVA through 9kVA and ventilated from 15kVA and up. Hazardous location models available.



Control transformer dry

Industrial Control dry transformer

Control transformers have been designed to the highest NEMA, IEC and industrial standards. The product features screw terminal connections, high regulation low temperature rise, a wide variety of voltage combinations up to 5000va in many cases.



Buck Boost transformers

Buck Boost dry transformer


These transformers are easily adaptable to most minor voltage corrections that need to be made and are an inexpensive solution to isolation transformers. They are physically smaller and lighter than the corresponding kva of an isolation unit.


K Factor transformer

K-Factor Harmonic Isolation dry transformers


K-Factor is a measurement of how high the harmonic content is in a building like a hospital or office with many electronic equipments. K rated transformers are designed to handle today's high harmonic loads. We offer transformer rated at K4, K13 and K20 but also offer higher K factor.



Motor drive isolation transformer

Motor Drive Isolation dry transformer

Motor drive isolation transformers are specifically designed to meet the requirements of SCR controlled variable speed motor drives. They are aluminum wound and available in voltage combinations suitable for VFD's. The kVa ranges from 3 through 145kva..




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