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Olinsys UPS

 3:1 Phase UPS

3 phases IN, and 1 phase OUT UPS Systems.

olinsys ups F31 seriesF31 series (10~60 KVa)

F 31 SERIES UPS is intelligent high frequency UPS, true online double conversion technology with isolated transformers. Full load efficiency reach 98, release network load effectively, it is a typical green power, subscribers can take 19 inch rack design product to meet rack net management requirement as real field space.

Main Features:

1. True on-line double conversion structure design:
Input and Output are isolated with transformer

2. Broad Input Voltage Range:
 The input voltage is 165275Vac, when the load are PC, the input voltage and frequency is even broader. It can work with village utility and oil generator

 3. LCD Display Panel:
Gently touch the button, the UPS input voltage, output voltage, load capacity, battery voltage can be clearly display on panel.

 4. Accurate Synchronized Utility System:
Output voltage frequency has zero phase synchronize with net frequency. It fully meets many equipments requirements on synchronized power frequency with power net, improve the reliability.

 5. Completed Protection Measurement:
Over voltage protection, over current protection, battery low voltage, instant limited current and short circuits protection etc. these keep the machine away from the wrong operation, and ensure it works reliably in any conditions.

 6. Intelligent RS232 Communication Function Options:
RS232 communication port supporting power software, the power net and UPS status can be monitored on computer. In additional, it also support SNMP adapter, realize the network management, improve the reliability of the system.

Power Capacity of F31 series: 10KVA, ... , 60KVA

Certifications: CE, ISO14001

olinsys F31 Series 20-50KVA

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Online / Double-Conversion UPS models

 3:1 Phase Line Interactive UPS are ideal for environments where electrical isolation is necessary or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuations. Available from 10 to 60KVA


olinsys ups K11 seriesK31 "high frecuency" UPS series (10~20 KVa)

K31 SERIES true double conversion online UPS is intelligent high frequency UPS, make use of the digital control and advanced PFC technology. The input power factor is over 0.99. It is a typical green power.

 Power Capacity of K31 series: 10KVA, 15KVA, 20KVA

 Key Features:

 1. Advanced PFC technology, high input power factor.
 2. Transformerless, compact and light weight design.
 3. The green power design (low THDi ≤5 option)
 4. High reliability digital control.
 5. Wide input voltage range.
 6. Automatic self-detection on startup.
 7. Flexible and practical cold start function.
 8. Advanced battery management, and automatic battery charging in UPS off mode.
 9. Fan speed auto control when loads varies.
 10. Full protection function (short circuit, overload, over temperature, low battery, etc)
 11. SNMP and USB (option)

olinsys K31 Series & K11 Series 6-10KVA

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